Sunday, 12 December 2010

21st Century Real Men's Fashion: Sketches

No Men-Trousers.
(which means only skirts please gents!)

Builders lounge at the City gates.

This is a selection of my sketches of Crossdressed men... so it seems appropriate to show one of my self as well... the below sketch was penned in 2002... when I was 22.

This is Paul Brown, sporting the best selling dress and petticoats from Topman, jacket from H&M.

Here are two actresses having a coffee b4 work - Joseph, on the right, wears the latest black version of the Special-K dress...

Here's my good self in 70s neo-noir femme-fatale outfit.

Batman found he struck even more deadly fear into the hearts of evil-doers when he appeared wearing his new skirtedbat-suit with heels and white tights.

Here be Johnny Feelgood, modelling one of the Autumn Topman collection, at London Fashion Week, 2033.

Here is a self-portrait of me as my super-powered-alter-ego, Lazarus... who will be the first male to give birth...

Women love 21st Century Real Men's Fashion... especially when the man in question has a great butt like this - and moreover, wears a very tight black dress to enhance it...
Hank (U.S.) and David (U.K.) arrange to meet in the park to play football. However, they disagree on the meaning of word football... Hank wears the latest Dallas Cowboys uniform, and David wears the current England kit...

Top fashion designer, Alexian Leeander, has a somewhat surreal male fashion show this year.

Big hair is must for any follower of 21st Century Real Men's Fashion... here is Clarke hitching for a ride... wearing a dress his wife, Lois, made for him, (her husbandette...)

Lord Schwarzenberg-Harcourt, Chair of the Board, gives the members a good grilling... it is customary in his Companies for all employees to wear the sexiest office attire... skirts always half way down the thigh... and always at least 3 inched stilletoes...


  1. these sketches are incredible! I long for the day this is reality, lets make it happen.

  2. I think those days are not for awaywey men can wear ladies dress freely and walk in public

  3. I so love your blog sissy. I always enjoy seeing us girly boys embarrassed and humiliated in front of real men and real women ! keep up the good work ! .... please !

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