Saturday, 7 January 2012

A Comparison of 21st Century Men & Womenswear

Now that the 21st Century is in full swing, it seems an appropriate time to take a look at how fashion has been progressing for both men & women.

All images show men on the left-hand-side, and women on the right-hand-side.

The Little Black Dress is now the standard item of clothing for males, whereas for females it customary to wear a Black or Grey Trouser Suits, as seen in the following four images below.

Of course some males opt for other colours than black, or sometimes a longer kind of dress, as seen in the following two images.

In the office, the Little Black Dress is customary for secretaries, (who are only males these days, as you well know.) It is not uncommon for men to wear breast forms whilst at work to please their female employers, as seen in the image below.

Although some men also prefer to wear Skirt Suits whilst in the office, whereas women generally wear pinstripe suits whilst working their highly paid jobs, as in the following image.

If you don't work in an office, it is customary for men to wear Bunny Type Outfits whilst selling make-up to other men, whereas women wear sports clothes, as below.

Here are a couple a couple of examples of the types of clothes men and women wear in the winter.

Whilst partying it is customary for men to wear long or frilly dresses and for women to wear more casual and practical Trouser Suits, as in the following two images.

Casual-wear for men & women in the 21st Century looks like the following four images.

The following two images show the kinds of outfits generally worn by teenage boys & girls whilst attending High School.

 And the final image is my favourite. Here is a 21st Century Couple, about to get it on.


  1. I like your vision of the future.

  2. Startlingly delicious pairings of how the sexes are FINALLY developing the proper hierarchy between Female Master and insignificant male underling.

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  6. I love to dress for my husband as I prepare her breakfast and see her off to work; though I miss her terribly!
    After I complete my chores, go shopping and make her dinner, I can't wait for her to come home and entice her to ravish me by wearing my sexiest fashions and dance for her.

  7. yes ists very good! i like these Pictures!

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  10. As a 60 year old traditional male "big shot" discovering his feminine essence, what is more wonderful than the sheerness of stockings, the sweet touch of lingerie and being on the arm or at the feet of a commanding but loving female master. Hail Lesbos.

  11. how lovely so many sissy men now..while the females get stronger..its so perfect!..i'm a sissy myself.

  12. Love the juxtaposition of demure dainty male girls and strong confident Female Master side by side.... especially the first and the last coupling.

    Th top picture: the Woman exudes strength of character and confidence while the male's total stance says... "

    Oh isn't my Female Master so wonderfully magnificent... i hope SHE finds me sufficiently attractive and yielding...."

    And the last because we say a Modern Asian Woman whose Female fore-bearers were likely kept in false submission to males haughtily in command while to Her left it is the male who femininely dressed anticipates how to in lady-like subjugation to please HER!

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