Sunday, 24 June 2012

Erotic Sissy Art Part 2: 21st Century Couples

I've been enjoying the Gender Role Reversal Art of Jamie Vesta, which I suggest you should visit.

Here is a great example:

So here are a couple of pieces, inspired by Jamie Vesta, done in my own sissy way.

Please comment!

(P.S. Sorry, again, that it has been such a long time since my last post.
I'm a naughty, busy, sissy. You should spank my panties.)


  1. This is a good start, Brendan. You asked for comments: Next I'd concentrate on making your line more precise. You might want to keep your women shorter than your men? When it comes to role reversal art I'm a great believer in realism - excepting the role reversal itself of course - to make the picture more powerful.

    1. Thank you for your comments Jamie! Indeed I know what you mean by making the women shorter than the men... still, I've always liked tall women... if you know what I mean. But I shall work on making some couple pics where the man is indeed taller, leggier, slimmer; with women that are shorter, but also have stronger musculature, but still obviously female... well, that's the aim.
      Have just put up another couple of pics... have a look at #03!

  2. Thank You! More couples please!

  3. I love the first pic! I love his dress. So flirty and sexy. I'd love to wear it!!!


  4. It´s very sexy, i love your draws!!

  5. Iwould also like to dress up in same way